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The best, that is what Extreme Lounging had in mind with the development of the next statement, b-hammock. The best ánd most comfy hammock of all. They accomplished, very well in four vibrant colours.

As you may expect from Extreme Lounging, the fabric is unique. As comfy as a blanket and strong as your old boots, they use to say in the UK. The inner layer of the fabric is laminated so it can handle quite some rain. The fabric itself has a coating that is resistant to sunlight (UV 7/8). It keeps its colour that you fell in love with. Such a relief!

The set consists of a b-hammock with quilted seams that has a comfortable, however a strong and posh look. It has strengthened corners so it will keep its shape when you lie down to relax. In the middle of the hammock, you will find a small hole that releases the water during an unpleasant rainshower. It does not absorbe any water, so when the sun comes around again, you can go back to your daily business, enjoying some time to relaxing very quickly.

The b-hammock is mounted to a frame that comes with it. It is really well thought trough. Next to the fact it is produced in Europe, it is especially designed by Extreme Lounging and some extra will catch your eye! The frame is made of square tubes. This will prevent friction, thus depreciation during usage. Bending of the frame? No way, it is not possible with this frame. Smart move! It is easy to mount and the hammock is easy to install. Ready for hours of fun!

Available in 4 vibrant colours: grey, orange, lime, aquablue

The b- hammock will be delivered in two parcels:

Hammock - measurements packaging – 125cm x 10cm x 85cm

Hammock Frame - measurements packaging – 156cm x 37cm x 18cm


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